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MediaWin - Investment Strategy
MediaWin - Investment Strategy
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MediaWin & Partners - Investment Strategy
MediaWin & Partners's main philosophy is to create a center of excellence for investment in high quality, ethical content and programming, suitable for global distribution across all platforms.

Investment Approach
Industry Focus
MediaWin & Partners focusses exclusively on investments in the fast-growing media and communications industry, mainly in the US and Europe, with a primary interest in content companies that create products for business, entertainment, educational and humanitarian purposes.
As focussed investors with in-depth knowledge of the sectors we invest in, MediaWin & Partners provides value-added strategic, financial and operating expertise to its portfolio companies.

Stage Independent
MediaWin & Partners focusses on early-stage investments but considers opportunities at all stages of development (seed to pre-IPO, buy-outs, well developed growth companies and restructuring and re-capitalizations).

Value Creation
MediaWin & Partners's industry specialisation allows its management team to add value by actively contributing to the strategy and development of its portfolio companies and thus support enhancement of their equity values.
The management team has developed extensive relationships with leading media and communications companies that are potential customers, strategic partners and acquirers of portfolio companies.

Investment Criteria
Promising, proprietary products and services with a large existing or potential
market position.
Significant unexploited market opportunity.
A strong, fully formed management team.
Clear strategy for development and value increase of the company.
Clearly identifiable exit path within 3-5 years of investment.

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